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Commit To Six & Join the From Scratch To Six Figures (FSTSF) Online Book Club!

Are you ready to join the incredible Dr. Jackie Golden in a series where she'll share her secrets on how to build a successful six-figure business, both online and offline? You won't want to miss her insights on the key takeaways from her book and valuable advice on how to take your own business to the next level. And the best part? It's all completely free! Just grab your copy of the book by paying for shipping and handling, and show up ready to learn. Commit just one hour per week for six weeks to start your own coaching/consulting business or sell digital content online.

  • Weekly Start Time

    7:30 PM CST

  • Meet us in the

    Zoom Room

  • Book Club Spotlight

    This 6-hour Online Book Club is everything that you need to see the possibilities of doing business as yourself. It gives you what you need to kickstart your online/offline business and start the work-from-home life style that gives you the freedom to work at your own schedule and be your own boss.

    "Before attending the book club event I was not sure where to start. After attending the session, I am clear on my direction and pricing is really clear." -Melanie

    "Before the sessions I did not recognize my marketable skills nor how to monetize them. Things have changed. I see more possibilities."


    "Before attending the book club sessions, I didn't think I was good enough. I now have the boldness and courage to do what I am called to do."


    "I lost my life purpose and was waiting to transition to the great beyond. After the sessions I have become hopeful, motivated and realize a life purpose. I am beginning to live again." -Betty

    "These sessions have helped me very much so... before attending the sessions, I did not really have a feel of how to promote/sale what I do and not allow myself to be undersold. Not anymore." -Charles

    "Before attending the book club sessions, I could not figure out to complete a task that has been assigned to me. Now I see how to complete the task and have the courage to do so."


    "Just finished my last book club session with Dr. Jackie Golden. As usual, it was amazing! This entire experience was simply inspiring beyond belief. I'm doing things I've never done before, experiencing things I never dreamed of and ready to produce. It has been a better than great journey to what's really trying to come out of me. From Scratch to Six Figures is quite an awesome study.

    Thanks Dr. Jackie, you are loved and appreciated."


  • Learn from "Been There" who can show "Going There" how to get there                     

  • Learn with Like-Minded People of your same ambition level & higher        

  • Get 6 Total Hours Of Insane Value  to move your business forward

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    About The FSTSF Book Club...

    The FSTSF Members' Only Book Club is a 6 one-hour, online interactive series in which Coach Jackie leads you through her clients' and her experience in building a coaching and consulting business that positions you to generate profit online and offline as an author, a content creator, speaker, chef, pastor, coach, consultant, foodie, graphics designer, stay-at-home parent, etc. It is meant to bring together inspired entrepreneurs from all over the world who not only want to make money on their own, but they want MORE FULFILLMENT in what they do.

    Jackie is all about healthy community, generating monetizeable ideas, essential insights, and endless inspiration.

    During these dynamic sessions, you'll be empowered by resources and knowledge to take action and start your own business using what is already in your hands. No two sessions will be the same.

    Plan ahead. Read ahead. Come ready.

    Grab Your Seat Before We Close Registration

    We have limited seats for this event, and the demand has been rising everyday. 
    The seats are going to go very quickly, so get yours while they are available here.

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    Meet our panelist for the event. Learn how to start a six-figure company from ground up and how you can potentially do that as well.

      Jackie Golden


      Jackie is the Owner and CEO of Golden Business Group, LLC. She started her entrepreneurial journey in 1994. Having survived the ups and the downs, she shares her success and pitfull prevention principles with thousands.

      Jackie is will discuss how what you already possess can generate income for you without going back to school, hustle, or grind.

    Secure Your Seat And Be In The Room

    Get in before it's too late if you want ideas you can implement today to move your life and business goals forward by learning from someone who did and is doing it.